Busy during lockdown

While we have been locked down with COVID 19 we have kept busy adding more features to eAlthLTE.
Appointment Type Browser now shows the length of appointment and NP badge for New Patient and RP badge for Return Patient
Appointment Types Maintenance has a checkbox for New Patient and Return Patient which is used for OPAS. Now appointment can be displayed for both new and return patients. Plus you can have specific OPAS Text – This will be displayed with Appointment Type on OPAS
Users and Practitioner Maintenance has an OPAS Short and Long Description which are displayed in OPAS. Also you can select default appointment types for each practitioner.
OPAS Settings now provide extra text displayed to the user on the step where they select an appointment time.

And don’t forget that eAlthLTE comes with a 3 month free trial period becuase we are so confident you will love the system.

Also you will be supporting Australian jobs – we dont employ random developers in other parts of the world – all our development is done here in Brisbane Australia and you are supported by those same developers in person by either a direct phone call or email.
So why wait any longer – go on give eAlthLTE a go – you know it makes sense.   Either go to ealthlteapp.sterlingsystems.com.au and register for a free trial or if you are an existing eAlth user then we can convert you data over into a trial area and you can play with eAlthLTE until you are happy and then we do another conversion and off you go live.

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