More eAlthLTE tips and tricks

Some more tips for eAlthLTE
Appointment Edit – Move the mouse pointer over information icon will display more information about the patient selected. Note: Same information that is displayed in Advanced Patient Search
Patient Details screen – Summary now displays totals of Outstanding invoices 3rd party, Patient and Unallocated Credit.
Invoice Screen – Displays Patient Outstanding Balance. Move the mouse pointer over the Infomation icon to display more details.
Users can add One-off Availability. This is done from appointment screen. Tick Modify One-off Availability. All Appointments will be hidden and instead will show One-off Availability records. Modify them same way you do appointment’s. One-off Availability can be set to weekly recurrences. Set Repeat Every to 2 if you want fortnightly recurrence. Enter the No. Repeats. Note entered will be displayed to user if they book in this slot.

More features updated in eAlthLTE – isn’t it time you had a look at eAlthLTE – ask us how at or message me
– has a Minimum Notice Hours setting -default is 3 hours. Can change setting in OPAS Settings screen. This prevents OPAS from showing times within 3 hours of current time.
– has loading symbols if the screen is waiting for data from the server
– displays small heading indicating timezone of the clinic. Only displayed if the user computer is in a different timezone. Note times displayed always in local time according to clinic timezone. What a great feature!!!
– have the option to have a single link for all your clinics in your company under OPAS. This link can be found under Setting->OPAS. Clinic links still an option as well. Note that Practitioners shown have to be available at the clinic selected by Patient.

– Send Days setting on reminder allows you to specify which days of the week you want reminders to go out on. This is useful because you may want to avoid sending a reminder out when your clinic is not open. e.g Clinic is closed Saturdays and Sundays so mark these days as non-send days. In this case, if a reminder was set to 1 day ahead and person appointment is on Monday then they should receive their reminder on the Friday before the Appointment unless the appointment has been made thru OPAS during the weekend.
– OPAS – The Number of days displayed now based on screen size. 2 day small screens, 4 days bigger screens
– Confirm Step in OPAS now has more information. i.e Appointment Type and now has small titles on appointment information. Address and Clinic contact details.


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