Happy New Year

Happy New year to all our eAlth and eAlthLTE users. Here’s to a great 2020.

We are really looking forward to pushing hard with our development of eAlthLTE and getting all our existing eAlth users over to eAlthLTE.   With the recognition from our eAlthLTE users that it is certainly easier to use and a lot less restrictive, it makes all our efforts worthwhile.   Thanks to everyone that has coomented and given us great feedback (and no we havent had any bad feedback so that is thanks to all).

To all of our users please have a great holiday (what is left of it).   Come back to work refreshed and re-invigorated.  And if you are still on eAlth then take a look at eAlthLTE.   You will be impressed.

For any clinics who are not on eAlth – you can have a free trial for 3 months on a fully working, unrestricted system which you can use live.   What more can you ask for?   Go to ealthlteapp.sterlingsystems.com.au, hit the Register button and fill out your details and off you go.

YES FREE TRIAL for 3 months

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