More additions to eAlthLTE

OPAS Setting now has options:

  • Allow New Patients to be created. The default value is set to Allow. If unticked new patients can not be created via opas and so you will bve restricting all users of OPAS for your clinic to only be return patients – this helps with checking patients who are booking to avoid duplication.
  • Not Allow Create Patient Info Message. This is the message displayed when the patient answers no to the visited question (previous new option)
  • Strict Return. The default value t is false When ticked new patient records cannot be created if the patient answers yes to visited questions.
  • Not Allow Create Patient Info Message. This now becomes the message displayed when unable to match a patient. Also displayed when no appointment for new patients.
  • Patient matching update. If unable to match to a patient from details entered, the user is prompted for the Date of Birth.   We have updated the matching to cater for patients entering their surname into first name and first name into the surname.   Please Note that you already have the Force Patient to enter Email and Mobile options as additional checks.
Invoices (Version 2 – Only)

When submitting Bulk Bill claim invoices, the charge category and items are updated to prices assigned to the Bulk Bill category.   You can change the charge category on the invoice screen and it will update prices of items included in the invoice. This is only available to unpaid invoices.
You can also update the charge category of the patient using the pencil button next to the charge category combo box.
Invoice Screen now has a refresh button which refreshes the invoice data displayed on screen.

More updates are coming in the next few days – stay tuned to the eAlthLTE news for more information.

Have a look at our Youtube channel for videos showing how to do stuff in eAlth.   Here is an example

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