More eAlthLTE updates

Did you know that with eAlthLTE you can:
– easily see count of unread SMS replies (top right hand corner) so you are always on top of your communications and then you can read them by clicking on the pop up
– compose a message to any patient using the plus button in the message centre
– patient browser allows search by phone number so you can track who just rang
– separate you patient notes into categories to sectionalise your patient notes

– Toggle fullscreen button so you take up all the screen
– Patient Follow Report now has csv option
– In OPAS (patients able to book their own appointments) name matching is case insensitive
– Better filters now on Invoice & Payment Browser
– Patient Contacts now shows if send email/sms is ticked without having to edit
– Can now define your own cancellation codes

And the best thing about all of this is that eAlthLTE is an Australian product developed here (in Brisbane) so by using eAlthLTE you are promoting Australian jobs – check where our competitors are developed.
So support Australia and look at and register for a free trial.

There are more updates to come so stay tuned.

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