OPAS (Online Patient Appointment System) & Patient Notes

Did you know that in eAlthLTE OPAS (online patient appointment system where the patients can book themselves an appointment) you can:
– make sure patients enter Mobile and Email address on the Booking step. By default, both email and mobile are required.
– OPAS Profile/Patient accounts also have the option to save mobile. This means the Patient details should be prefilled if the patient has logged into OPAS.
– When Patient is logged in via OPAS profile can see a list of their own appointments.
– Signup and Login Pages remembers the company code or clinic.

Patient Notes
– The screen now limits no of notes displayed initially. By default shows a minimum of 10 notes and a minimum of 2 years.
– Click on more button will display a minimum of 10 more notes and a minimum of 1 year
– Click all notes button to display All Patient notes.
– This should make it easier to see notes for patients who have been coming for a long time.
Invoice Referrals – we have streamlined the edit Invoice Line so that if you change the item no the system will recheck referrals and select appropriate one.

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