Phone and calendar feed

In eAlthLTE you can:

User URL Calendar Feed
– Now users can subscribe to a calendar feed so all appointments can appear on iPhone or Android calendar
– Please note this is one-way sync and only can view your appointments
– Patient Names are not included in the feed
– Date range for sync is set to 30 days in past and 90 days in the future
– To enable this feature for yourself please go to User Maintenance and tick the Calendar Feed Checkbox. A button and URL will appear on the screen. Clicking on button displays some instructions for various devices.

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With our telephone offering (3CX) and eAlthLTE we can set you up such that when a patient phones in the phone system can automatically link to eAlthLTE and show the patient details – how amazing is that!!!!
And when you want to call a patient then just click on their phone number in eAlthLTE and 3CX will call them.
If you more information then just call or email us

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