Update – Medipass and Version 2 Updates

Medipass – eAlthLTE Medipass is now live. To use medipass please contact them to set up an account. Then head to Setting and Integrations to start setup for linking it to eAlthLTE.


  • News – Now converted for version 2 – Users are allowed to add your own news for your own company. (Only in v2)
  • Draft Notes – Now converted for version 2 – Browser now has paging – Can search for patient
  • Claims – View current transactions submitted to Medipass and their status.


  • Waiting list now display on hover patient contacts and last visit
  • Appointment Hover now displays appointment note and patient note
  • Appointment Dialog Patient Note button now changes color based on Patient has Patient Note

User detail

  • Now converted for version 2
  • The expandable panel quickly summaries user settings. Expand to Edit relevant settings.
  • View Only: limit the user to view their own appointment and Daily Diary (editable by admin)
  • Profile button on Logout Menu: normal users can only view their own details (V1 & V2)
  • Plan change confirmation pop up if the number of active practitioners is beyond or below the current selected plan

Subscription Plan

  • Now converted for version 2
  • Admins are allowed to change the plan with a corresponding number of active practitioners.
  • Displays which plan you are currently on.

Invoice (Only in v2)

  • Now add referrals from the Invoice Screen
  • Terminal button on Payments allows you to use Medipass Virtual Terminal. For terminal button to be enabled need add value to card payment type selected in Medipass Integration screen
  • Submit claims for HICAPS, Medicare and DVA
  • Payments submitted to Medipass have status displayed
  • Invoices submitted to Medipass have status displayed on voice screen
  • Claim Summary Panel displays claims status and has buttons for Statement and Button to open invoice up in Medipass.

Company Maintenance – Add All Health Funds button. This quickly adds all health funds which can be used in Medipass.

Item Search Dialog (Medipass Users)

  • The dialog allows you to quickly add Billable Items to your company.
  • Can access this dialog box using Binoculars button in the following screens: Billable Items Maintenance, Billable Items Browser, Medipass Integrations

Screen Settings – Note Templates – Now have the option to be flagged as deleted. If you have templates you no longer use then can now remove it from your list

Login Screen (Version 1) – Clicking button to switch to new version on login screen will set value so automatically redirect to version 2 in the future – You can unset this by switching back to v1 then untick the automatic reduction checkbox which is in the logout popup menu.

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