Worldwide users

We would love more people to come and look at the new system eAlthLTE. Although we are in Australia this is for users all round the world – even in the UK if you can stop thinking about Brexit for one minute.

More details on some of the newer features for the system:
Archive Patients
– Now can use an archived patient anywhere in the system(Appointment, Waiting List, Payments, Invoice, and Reports) without having to unarchive patient first. Simply press search button next to combo box to begin searching all patients. This is the same search as Patients screen so can search by name and phone number. Note: If you search unarchived patients first and cannot find patient then clicking search button will use the same string to search all patients
– Patients are now auto archived as well. Every Sunday morning a routine runs that will archive any patient that does not have an appointment in last 3 years or that has not been modified in last 2 years. Auto archive routine only kicks in if your company has over 2500 unarchived patients. Auto archive settings can be changed on Company Maintenance screen under settings.
– A patient will also be unarchived if new appointment is booked or new invoice is raised.

Appointment Screen
– Appointments can now be marked as confirmed similar to the arrival status. A green tick indicates if an appointment has been confirmed
– Unavailable Appointment Shortcut – Simply Highlight more than one slot on appointment screen and release. The add appointment screen will default to an unavailable appointment.
– Appointment dialogue boxes now show more information (Confirmed, Arrived and Paid)
– Day view now includes the day of the week in the title.
– New Patient from appointment screen now validates mobile numbers

SMS Replies and Auto Confirmation
– Reply messages to Appointment Reminder SMS will now be checked by the server. If the reply is short and contains word Y or Yes then the appointment will be marked as Confirmed and SMS will be marked as read. Note all these setting can be changed or turned off. Auto confirmation settings can be changed from the Message template screen when looking at a template for SMS Appointment reminders. Add confirmation words and change length check. Then add some test cases and run tests make sure you happy with new rules. Save to make new rules apply to your company.
– Appointment Reminder SMS Replies now have two new buttons Confirm and Read or Confirm. These buttons have been added anywhere the reply can be seen.
– Message Notifications now shows a count of confirmations. Time displayed indicates when the last confirmation was received. Blue badge indicates the number of confirmations.
– Message Notifications also display a warning if your SMS credits are starting to get low. Two times minimum credits setting on your company. Badge for this will be Orange exclamation mark. If your SMS credits fall below your minimum Credits then badge will change to red.
Enjoy all the new features and if anyone, anywhere wants to try the system then go to or message me.

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